The end of the beginning full redesign
Today marks the launch of our fully responsive redesign for We’re calling it an “MVP” release — as in minimum viable product — but on a site as large and complex as, even MVP is a pretty big lift.

So it would be easy to see today’s release as the final milestone in a months-long process, and while that’s technically true, it’s also not the whole story. Instead, it would be more accurate to call this the end of the beginning — the start of a continuous cycle of features and functionality enhancements based on user behavior and feedback. (Have an opinion? Share it here.)

Some people will no doubt see this change simply as the unnecessary end of a familiar experience they’ve grown used to. To those folks, we say: We hope you’ll give the new version a chance, and if there’s something we can do to ease the transition and help make the new a habit for you, we’re all ears.

Others will like some of what they see but consider the new version lacking in one way or another. That’s feedback we urgently seek, too. Why? Because it’s better to get something in front of users now and hear loud and clear where we went wrong than to work an extra few weeks or months perfecting something only to find it’s something nobody uses.

We’ll be listening closely to understand where to spend our time and effort. So where we go next, in many ways, is up to you. We do have a few things on the docket already — improved photo galleries and author profile pages, for example — that we couldn’t squeeze into this release. Beyond that, we’re playing it by ear.