We’re teaming up with Happy Cog + SuperFriendly

We aim to offer a great news experience wherever our users are — which, increasingly, is on mobile devices. That’s a key reason why we’re setting out to redesign We want the site to be as complete and full-featured on your smartphone as it is on your PC. (And we’re going to make it look and work better on all devices while we’re at it.)

Redesigning a website as complex as in a legacy-media organization such as ours is no easy task. We knew we’d need some outside help for this heavy lift, and we wanted a partner we could learn a lot from in the process.

We spoke with a number of accomplished web design firms from across the country, but in the end we found the best fit right here in our backyard. We’ve chosen to collaborate with two Philadelphia-area companies over the coming months on the redesign of Happy Cog, a longstanding leader in digital design, and SuperFriendly, an innovative design studio led by Dan Mall.

I’m excited to see what these two groups bring to this effort, and I promise we’ll keep you posted on our progress and give you opportunities to share feedback here at (Meanwhile, feel free to take our survey and let us know what you think about today. And if you want to join our digital product and technology teams and contribute from the inside, check out these newly posted jobs.)

More information on our collaboration with Happy Cog and SuperFriendly is available in this press release.

One thought on “We’re teaming up with Happy Cog + SuperFriendly

  1. Great luck! As a displaced Philly guy in Florida, I turn to for my news. Thanks for updating the mobile experience because it isn’t so friendly today…


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